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Am I able to text internationally?

My girlfriend is going to London, UK next week over the holidays and I would like to know if I'm able to send and receive her texts over the time. This is what is on my plan. Services 5pm Evenings & Weekends 911 Government Fee Additional data $5/100MB Call Display Call Display Outbound Call Forward PPU Access Call Forward Pay Per Use Call Waiting Conference Calling Data 250MB Data 500MB Extra LD Rate (Cdn) Free incoming roaming SMS Koodo Data & SMS Rates PPU Call Forward Toll Provisioning Service Text Messaging Services US Roam Air@1.50 US Roam Toll @ $0.00Cdn Unlimited Canadian LD Unlimited SMS and MMS Unltd Local Family Calling Voicemail Current Add-Ons Pay-Per-Use Intl Long Distance $0.00 and some of these terms are straight forward, while others do not provide a description. Just looking to get it clarified! Or if anyone has a link to where all of these terms are described, please share!

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All is good. Koodo includes international messages in their unlimited text service. You'll be fine, but I would suggest your girlfriend gets set up for roaming whoever she is with.
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All plans include international texts! So you're good to go!
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Technically if your GF is still using her Canadian number, it is not considered international texting for you
Thanks guys!