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Allow ap on iPhone to save paid bill confirmation as PDF.

  • 17 April 2013
  • 2 replies

Improve iPhone KooDoo app to save bling info. At present cannot. Only or save proof of paid bills.

2 replies

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Hi! The App is more meant for looking at your usage, and owing amounts quickly. If you use Safari and log into self serve navigate to the page where you can view your PDF bills. If you touch and hold on a date you'll get an option to open in a new page. At the top you'll could see and option such as "Open in iBooks" if you have an app that supports saving PDFs. If you hit that button it will save the PDF to your device. If you don't have an app show up I'd recommend getting iBooks as its free, you can transfer the PDFs to your computer in iTunes, and I can confirm it works for this method. (I'd post a screenshot but there is too much person info to edit when it comes to this).
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Hi Jane, Thanks for your idea! The team looked into this idea a little deeper. We're going to hold off on planning this idea for now. The app is meant to quickly and easily track your day-to-day usage and paying your current bill. That said, PDF copies of your current and past bills can be downloaded in the web version of Self Serve.