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adds in disappear

  • 30 August 2019
  • 3 replies

Hello -
I signed up for a new line that was 45$ (with 2gb bonus data). I changed my plan to another that was actually a little less expensive. And the 2gb addon was on my plan before I changed, but then I changed the plan and now the 2gb bonus addon has disappeared! Any thoughts why that happened?

As far as I am aware, that 2gb bonus data is an ADD ON that should stay. If this is a glitch it needs to get fixed ASAP

i can get back to my $45 plan if you can’t fix it

3 replies

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Sounds like it wasnt an add-on or was connected to that specific plan so when you changed, you lost the add-on.
How I can go back to my original deal then
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Contact customer service and hope for the best.
There's no guarantee that they can/will switch it back for you though.