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Additional Charges in NYC? IMPORTANT!! please answer ASAP

I live in Canada and i will be going to New York for about a week and i want to bring my phone. I don't plan on calling or messaging people, i just want it so i'll be able to take pictures for memories and for updating social networks USING THEIR WI-FI. is there any way i can do so without getting charged extra? P.S i have the iphone 4

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Hi Krystal, The very safest way is to take your SIM card out of your iPhone and visit NY without it 🙂 You will still be able to use WiFi all over the place and you'll be CERTAIN not to induce any charges 🙂 You could also put the phone on airplane mode, but any mistake (accidentally switching it back on) and you might still be charged... taking it out is the safest 😃 PS if you DO want to use your phone, there are some US addons too, if you are interested 🙂
Okay thank you so much Sophia!!