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adding second line

My boyfriend of 4 years has been with Koodo for awhile. I currently work for Fido but my cellphone is with Bell. I know that with Fido if you add a second line to your account you can receive discounts. I am wondering what are the benefits of adding a second line with Koodo?

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You get unlimited calling in between the 2 phones and that must be it. Oh! Plus 25$ bonus referral for both. What advantage you get with others?
I am unsure of what bell offers. Fido offers Unlimited circle calling ( calling between 2 phones). $25 off the second line as well as the account holders main account. 10% off the additional line. 
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I'm not sure they still offer the 10%! Have you verified recently? I've ben told by my dad that this offer is not good anymore (10%)