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Adding phone onto current phone plan

About 8 months ago we purchased an iphone 5s on tab medium, at that time there was a special offer. We are now looking to purchase another iphone 5s ( in addition to our current one ) would it be possible to add our new phone onto the plan our current iphone has

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It all depends on what that plan is. Most special offers are only available for a limited time. What was the plan you got?
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You can add it to the same account, but it'll get its own # & will therefore need its own Plan (and Tab unless buying it outright or bringing your own). You can't share one Plan with multiple devices.
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Whenever you purchase a new phone, Maris, whether or not it's going onto an existing account or a new one, you have to get an in-market plan. That means, any plan that is *currently* available. If the one you have right now is grandfathered to you and not available anymore for new subscribers, then you won't be able to get it. You can keep using it with your existing iPhone, but the new one will have to have a plan that is currently offered. I know, past plans were much better 😞