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Adding new features to Koodo plans

Koodo have had really good plans. But they are still not the best providing the ultimate plan based on either prices or services. On my opinion Koodo must add " Koodo dollars" instead of the 100 points that is terminated monthly. By adding Koodo dollars, that would be equivalent to amount of dollars that the user could use later for either using it for a service, or for paying premium for a smart phone, Koodo would benefit from that. Why Koodo will benefit? Because other computers are already using this method and it create to them customer's loyalty. 
Second, I'm an Iphone User and i have noticed long ago that Koodo doesn't have the voicemail service that goes directly to your phone without calling the voicemail free number. And when Koodo introduced that service about 6-8 months ago they started to charge around 2 dollars a month. For such service $2 is actually nothing, but keep on mind that other competitors are having if for free and that could be a weaknesses for Koodo. 

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