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Add more options for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

I believe that not every likes the same colour. I believe that Koodo should carry more colours for both iPhones. Even though Space Grey is an amazing colour I believe everyone has different tastes in their personal preference. Storage. Storage for me is a huge concern. 16GB for the iPhone 6 Plus is absolutely too little. If Koodo can't supply options for customers (or customer to-be) then Im afraid the may lose some. I think since Christmas is right around the corner, adding extra options like colours, and storage options would be great!

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Gold 16GB is available from what the website says
I know, but I (and possibly others) prefer more options to be available for the 64GB iPhone 6 and the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus. Sorry for not explaining it throughly.
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I getcha. Unfortunately supplies are still limited. More colors may come as more stock arrive from apple but I would say that the priority of various stock goes: 1) Apple Stores 2) Big name providers (Bell, Telus etc.) 3) Smaller providers (Koodo, Wind etc.) Although Koodo is owned by Telus, I'm sure Telus gets first dibs on whatever devices come in. I'm surprised Koodo even has a 64GB model of any kind to be honest. If you really want a certain model though you can always buy it direct from Apple. It's more $$ upfront, but you end up paying virtually the same over 2 years if you subsidize it with any Tab.