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Account suspended?

ok so I signed up a week ago.... bought a SIM card and they charged me around $50 for what I assume is 20 for the card and 30 for a voucher. I did my prepaid account stuff asking for a $50 base with 1gig data. I applied a prepaid visa card to my account and it charged it $67 because it wouldn't accept the top-up voucher. All was fine until yesterday when I noticed my phone stopped working and their automatic #611 said my account was suspended. So now my account says I have a credit of $20 and my base is expired. So is this thing trying to charge me again!? Also, I am trying to register my visa debit and it is refusing it so even if I wanted to top-up I can't. What in the world am I supposed to do? I have got to say that koodo has the worst customer support ever. They want to charge me $5 just to talk to a rep when this is their problem. I am already thinking about right off the money and going with fido

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No, they don't charge you $5 just to talk to a rep. They charge you $5 to have a rep make changes that can be made through self serve. There is never a charge for asking questions, nor is there a charge if self serve is not working.
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How could a prepaid account be suspended? 
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LairdC wrote:

How could a prepaid account be suspended? 

When the account isnt topped up. You're focusing too much on the wording
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Hey Aaron, 

Have you succeed contacting us? You can reach our prepaid service at 1-647-788-3948.

Let us know how this goes for you!