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account cancelled account one month after requested date and i was overcharged after account cabcellation

  • 3 July 2019
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i called koodo customer service and asked for my service to be cancelled by May 7th of 2019. The customer service agent assured me it will be cancelled by this date and he also deleted my payment info from my account, assuring me that I have no more bills to pay because I have paid my balance up till the date of cancellation. I am now in Egypt and got an email saying that’s I have an outstanding balance for the period of May 7th-June 7th in the amount of $63 and some change.
I tried to use the digital help koodo offers to submit a complaint and get the overcharge removed-since this is a mistake caused by koodo’s customer service agent who did not cancel my service on time-and when I get the option to be called back I cannot enter an international number as a call back number.
koodo’s customer service is exclusionary and very low quality. There must be a way to remove this charge from my account when I’m outside of Canada.

3 replies

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As of now, was your account cancelled?

I would check carefully the page 3 of your pdf bill. What did it say? Make sure it wasn't the money from previous bill or some overage.
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I would send a private message to Koodo via facebook or twitter
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Be sure to state that you no longer live in Canada so they dont tell you that you will need to call.