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Account access & new iphones

We have 3 unlocked iphones and monthly Koodo plans. We will purchase 2 new unlocked iphones (from the Apple Store) and will need new SIMs. Do we need to take old/new phones to Koodo store? My name is not the one on the account but we share the same address - can I do the Koodo transaction?

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The account holder would need to call Koodo first and ensure you would be authorized to do so.
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I thought only the account holder can activate/cancel? Based on my understanding, the authorized user can only upgrade or send phone in for repair.
I believe Rocky is correct in this instance. Based on the new authorization system, those that are authorized can go in and do an upgrade/send away for repair. New line activations still require the account owner to be present.
Thanks. I suspected as much. The new phones are to replace old 3Gs with Koodo SIMs so it is not a new line activation. Safest bet is to find the time when we can both go to Koodo!
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Oh if that's the case you'd just have to purchase new sim cards in store to place your current iphones. you'd have th update the new sim card #'s in yourself serve account. It's $10 for a postpaid sim card.
Rocky Balboa wrote:

Oh if that's the case you'd just have to purchase new sim cards in store to place your current ip...

I understood it as activating 2 new lines. If it's just replacing the phones, then both Rocky's & Zaphod's posts are the ones to follow in this matter.
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To add, you can purchase new Koodo SIM cards anywhere that Koodo products are sold (Koodo, Mobile Shop, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.). Anyone can do this, even those not on the account. It's then up to the account holder to change the SIM number via Self Serve.
Thanks for all the great replies. This is what I shall do and then activate via the online account.