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95% Used Up...Please Help!

I just transferred to a new Koodo phone(IPhone4) after my LG Optimus died. In the process of the change I somehow managed to use double the amount of data I normally use in a month. I have fixed the phone now and am back to normal data usage but am now at 95% of my monthly data limit on Day 19 of my billing cycle. Is there an add on I can do just for one month to get more data? I think my plan says 0.05 per MB which seems crazy expensive! Please help!

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If you're already on Duble Data Plan, only thing you can do to save money is turn Data off until billing start day or use Free Wi-Fi connections.
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Hi Emma... Unfortunately there is no add-on for Data on top of your plan, once you reach the limit you will fall under the over usage rate... Another option will be to look the new plans to see if there is one that suits your needs and brings more data, so if you change it and the plan has more data, you will have a little bit more... (on the other hand, the new data plans have a better over usage rate) If you do not want to change your plan, try to maximize the use of wifi to avoid going over...
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I assume you have on of the older plans? Check out the current plans. Their overage charges are $5 for an extra 200MB or so. Which is half the price of $0.05/MB