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5c to 5s upgrade, plus a question about pay as u go..

  • 4 April 2015
  • 2 replies

How does the whole upgrade thing work? I have a 5c I still owe a little over $100 on my tab..but I'd like to upgrade to the 5s...so I pay off my tab, then pay my portion of the 5s? Do I still get to keep my 5c phone? Am I able to use the 5c and set that up as pay as u go for my daughter???

2 replies

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Yes to basically all of your questions. When you want to upgrade, just go to any Koodo store or retailer and they'll set it up for you. You can have the Tab balance placed on your next bill or pay it with a credit card online right away. Then you'll have to setup a prepaid account by first buying the SIM from a participating store (Koodo shops or Wal Mart), then activating it online or over the phone with the base plan +any talk & data boosters you want for her.
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Hurry up and upgrade, the whole system is changing April 17th