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3g data stopped working when changing province

I changed from toronto to a montreal number and now for some reason my data isn't working now. i have enough data left in my 1gig booster but it dosen't work I have restarted and reset network settings. please help. i can only use wifi at the moment

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In your self-serve, under Boosters, what does it say about your data booster? Specifically, does it say it's active? I've never run into this myself but a call to *611 from your phone should resolve your issue quickly. You will not be charged the $5 since this is for technical support(probably on the network side)
ok what option do i press to talk to a person?
yes it says active in boosters
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Hey Chris,

Choose the option that suggests technical assistance and repair (2).

Thanks and Happy Sunday!
tried everything with technical assistance and they said at the end "it's a iPhone 4s we don't support you must get a new phone" but it worked before i changed province on koodomobile in Toronto, and i've put my sim into an iPhone 6 and it still doesn't work. So i don't want to buy a new phone and it still not work.
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Hi Chris, Data should be working fine on your iPhone 4s. Do you get a specific error message if you try the browser? If you have iOS 8 and the latest carrier settings, you can try to reset your APN settings by going to Settings-Cellular-Cellular Data Network-Reset Settings. If it still doesn't work, I suggest you try to swap your SIM card.