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300 anytime minutes, still charged overage...

I have one of the older plans, 35$-300 anytime minutes and 5pm evenings and weekends. I make a phone call every night at 1030pm. Just after lunch (1230) everyday I receive a phone call.

If I have 5pm evenings and weekends, the 1030 calls should be free correct? It shouldn't be added against my 300 anytime minutes right?
And the 1230 calls should be going against the 300 anytime minutes correct?

Because I'm being charged 197 airtime overage. When I click for details it lists all the calls I made at 1230.

For the entire month of August I made calls totaling 1527 mins, and wasn't charged overage.
So far this month, I'm only at 1425 mins.

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Hi Sam,

Your calls at 12:30 will count towards your 300 anytime minutes. The 1030pm calls will be free through unlimited eveneings and weekends. If your being charged for it it's because your going way over the limit and should consider an unlimited calling plan.

Just to be more clear, the only calls that affect your 300 minute limit is the one you are receiving at 12:30. The 10:30pm does not count towards it.
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Depending on where you live and your tab balance, bumping up to an unlimited calling plan or taking an unlimited incoming call add-on might cost you about $10 per month, and sidestep any overage problems.


Click on the [b]Plan and feature add-ons at the bottom of the page for details.