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21$ tab abd mountly plan

Can I pay more for my iphone 6 16 GB so I can pay less than 21$ tab charge? Why do I have to choose between these 2 montly Plans? Can't I choose one that is is less expensive?

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The whole idea is if you want a higher subsidy, you're going to have to take a higher rate plan. So if you want a Tab Plus that allows $500 off, you have to choose the Tab Plus plans.

If you want a normal plan, you can only subsidize $360 of the cost by putting it on a tab ($15 monthly tab charge) I don't like it but that's just how it works
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You can put $414 down and take a normal plan with a $15 tab charge.
Enjoy 🙂
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That's what i did ^^^^ I'm just on a regular tab and pay $15 a month tab and I only had to put a bit more down.