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150mps LTE?

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Is the a timeline for 150mps? I believe that the current network is a 75mps but Rogers and Bell are both at 150mps in major cities.

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Koodo uses the same towers as Telus and Bell but belongs to Telus, so unless Telus throttles the speed you should theoretically get the same speed as Bell.
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Good to know, thanks for the insight. I was just reading the Telus website which only make mentions of speeds up to 75mbps for their LTE network.
I'm getting 120mbps with koodo... Seems unfair that I'm paying through the nose for 2GB/month and I can download 2GB worth of data in 2.3 minutes...
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Tyler - Can you show us a screengrab of the 120mbps? Regardless, you wouldn't be able to sustain the speed (15megs/sec) for a long period of time (i.e. think of a car's top speed, know anyone driving 120+ mph?). My question is more around the day-to-day speed (i.e. opening a few large PDFs).
Here's my most recent test: https://www.dropbox.com/s/apl5tvylna3oewu/Screenshot_2014-09-21-14-47-30.png?dl=0 My speedtest.net results are averaging between 100mbps and 280mbps(after 11 tests in different areas of the city). Out of curiosity, I installed a speed test type interface on my Linux VPS(hosted in UK and I'm in Canada) where ping was around 180(as expected for UK roundtrip ping) and download was 160mbps on average. I'd love to keep testing with a few different netstat tools but at these speeds, my 2GB limit is pathetic at best.
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Those are incredible speeds, good for you. Can I ask what device are you running? Speedtest.net usually uses 5 megs per speed test.
Lol the graph changes to meet the speed. And how is my IP not from koodo? Trace route returns a koodo data centre location and a whois query returns Telus...
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Tyler Harris wrote:

Lol the graph changes to meet the speed. And how is my IP not from koodo? Trace route returns a k...

Sorry, that was my oversight (hence why I deleted my original post).
I'm on a nexus 4(rooted with cm11 and a custom build.prop file to enable(allegedly) LTE.)
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Again, those are amazing speeds. Thanks again for all the posts.
Peter wrote:

Again, those are amazing speeds. Thanks again for all the posts.

No problem.
I'm hoping as more and more people raise this concern with their service providers, companies will stop taking advantage of Canadians. Even with the unlimited plans, you get throttled to unusable speeds after app. 5GB. Let's take my home internet for example, its unlimited but only 7mbps at best. I am more than happy to pay the $55/month that I do for this. Then we have my mobile, at $70/month the speeds are ridiculously fast but I'm only able to use 2GB of data(which as shown above, I could literally do in less than a minute). Doesn't that comparison raise a few questions? Also. Any else notice that koodo's overage rate of $5/500MB has doubled in price and is now $5/250MB? So this service is getting more expensive? In theory, the longer the companies like Telus and Bell have their infrastructure the cheaper their services should be... Apparently not. As their operating costs go down, their prices go up? Something HAS to be done to stop this insanity.
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Hi Tyler, I hear you. That being said, you must be constantly using your phone or streaming full length HD movies if you require that much data. I believe that the big 3 now have packages up to 10GB/mo. I live and work in Toronto and I consider myself a heavy user. That being said, when I'm at home or the office, I'm on wifi. I've yet to go over 6GB/mo in data usage on my mobile device (any large download would be done on a computer via a hard line as that's the device I would be using for those large files). Regardless, I do agree that Canadians are paying a lot (way too much) for mobile services, hence why I was looking forward to Verizon coming here. Sadly, until there's real competition, we will be stuck with the existing providers and their prices.
If there's an app for Netflix, Youtube, Bittorrent/Utorrent, PLAY STORE(a default app lets not forget), 10GB/month is a joke. They offer a wide variety of phones that can handle some pretty amazingly complex stuff(i.e. games, etc.) but don't offer the data to be able to do this stuff without using WiFi. Plus how is this good marketing in any way? Let's say koodo starts to offer unlimited mobile data for idk, $100/month.... Everyone and their dog would be signing on with koodo. As for the concerns regarding their network being able to handle "EVERYONE using these speeds ": they wouldn't need to. My entire family is with koodo. My mother might use 50mb in a month, my dad might be at 100mb and my sister doesn't use any(maybe 1mb for emergencies). If koodo suddenly told them they could use unlimited data, I doubt those numbers would even double. The only people who would benefit substantially would be people like me, who know what they're doing online and aren't afraid to use some data.
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Well hopefully, they're listening 🙂 I for one would prefer lower prices vs. unlimited data especially when considering other essential living expenses (i.e. mortgage, utilities, etc.)