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140 dollar extra charge for...????

I have  140 dollar chrage on my bill for extra local airtime minutes. My current plan includes unlimited minutes, but I just changed it at the beggining of my cycle (The 17th) from a 200 minute plan. I dont know what's happening, when I look in my usage and phone logs on here I don't have any overuses on my minutes, checked data too and it all looks good. Anyone know what may be happening or should I call in? Could it be a mistake? I looked at customers who have previously had an issue like this and it was explained that it was proration but, since I changed it at the beginning of my cycle, this shouldn't be applicable, right?

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Hmmm, good idea! Thanks Bob, will keep that in mind.
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Send a private message to Koodo on their Facebook or Twitter pages to get on record.

Telephone hold times can be well over an hour according to the chatter here.
Thank you for your reply, Sophia. I will attempt to call in after work, hopefully it isn't TOO bad haha. I'll let you know what they say 🙂 Thanks again!

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Sounds like a mistake to me too, the way you describe it, Emily. The only way to get it sorted is to call in... the bad news is that as of recently, the wait times on the phone are absolutely horrendous........ Wishing you strength 🙂