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128 GB Iphone WHEN?

I need a 128 gb iphone as I listen to large numbers of Audiobooks. Koodo does not seem to offer them but fido and others do. Any idea how long I would have to wait to get one partially on the tab? Could buy it outright but why should I? Like the Company and would prefer not to change. Timeline?

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Definitely don''t expect Koodo to carry any version of the iPhone thats 128GB.
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You're in the minority, my friend. I think we've sold like... Maybe 1 iPhone 6 128gb on Rogers since launch. The other guys risk having aging units just sitting around depreciating value and losing money when the price eventually drops for customers a few years later after nobody wants it anymore. The demand is low for the 128. You won't see it on Koodo anytime soon, or probably ever. Its kind of sad but that's how it is. What kind of plan do you have? Even if you switch carriers you might end up paying more money than if you had bought the phone outright.
My advice: Buy it unlocked from Apple and bring it to Koodo. If you have any remaining negative tab balance, you'll need to settle that, buy a SIM ($10) and then you will receive 10% a month off your plan. I wanted a 64GB iPhone 6 back in November but got tired of hounding the local Koodo store as they kept teasing me that they were getting a few every week, but always seemed to be out of stock when I was available to buy one. I used the method described above and am happy with it. Having the phone unlocked will be nice when you eventually want to upgrade because it will make it easier to sell your phone, and in the meantime you'll enjoy a smaller bill from Koodo.
I may be in the minority but I am also a business person. if I were Koodo I would go out and buy one at a time on ebay just to keep a satisfied customer and the 3 other phones on my koodo account. Why would you have technology inventory for "years" anyway as the stuff ages and devalues monthly? Why would Rogers have only sold one when I see bidding wars on them on ebay? I have a good plan....but its not THAT good. Koodos reluctance to provide the 128 just doesnt make sense and I usually find that when things dont make sense....I dont have all of the relevant information. Thank you for the help.
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TRUDY Williams wrote:

I may be in the minority but I am also a business person. if I were Koodo I would go out and buy ...

That's why if you're using your phone for business purposes and have 'bigger' needs, you should really be with one of the big 3. They all specifically have business and corporate accounts. Koodo is for regular consumers. Doesn't make sense for you to be with Koodo knowing they're a consumer brand and expect them to provide business-like services/'products'
Well, I've been a Koodo customer for 6 years now and I feel your frustration. But believe me, they've come a long way. In the beginning they only had goof-off phones. It was a while before they even got any iPhones. Now they carry pretty much all the phones worth having, just with limited selection for storage space or colour. While your ebay suggestion was good for a chuckle, that hardly sounds practical. As a business person, I'm sure you can appreciate practicality. Honestly, I recommend you follow my suggestion. In a world where we're suffocated with contracts, commitments, obligations, which are often cryptic and difficult to fully understand, it has been a bit of a relief for me to not even have a tab for my phone account, and just own my phone outright. Plus, the new SIM-only plan is pretty sweet.