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I WAS ON HOLD FOR 6 hours in the last 24 hours. I HATE KOODO!!!! Thanks to you guys I now missed. The opportunity to cancel my plan and go to a phone company who would HAPPILY switch me to this plan. I am DISGUSTED with your service especially at the Bayshore location. Marwan refused to offer me this plan despite having FIVE lines, and almost 8 years of service. He also wouldn't allow me to cancel my plan. My call was dropped after sitting on hold for customer rentention TWICE after holding for nearly four hours each time. I am so done with your disgusting service. My boyfriend is with fido and walked to the kiosk and had his plan changed within minutes, no questions asked. Same with my parents who have Rogers. Koodo is a huge joke, thank you for show casing that!!!!!

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Same here very disappointed will be leaving Koodo soon
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1). You can not cancel, except by calling in. The stores can not help with this. 2) Unless you were adding a new BYOD line, the store could not switch your plan, and even if you called in, you needed a $0 device balance to qualify.
Everyone I know as an existing customer got it no problem by paying off their tab. I was fully willing to do that and aware
trying to cancel my plant as I am leaving to Europe (back home) on friday. can‘t get through to the hotline... and that‘s the only way to do it.. This is not ok at all!!!
won‘t be able to cancel from abroad..