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10 All add-on eats up my battery

I have the 10 All add-on and I'm traveling. Every time I send a text it eats up 10 % of my battery. When I want to take a picture I have no battery power left. At home, when I'm not roaming I don't have this problem - my battery lasts all day. Whats up with this?

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Buying any of the Travel Add-ons only nets you a savings on your roaming fees, it does not change anything about the ability of the phone to roam. 

You may be in an area where the tower locations cause your phone to either seek connections more, or your distance froth tower means the phone has to use a higher power to connect. 

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In either case, sounds like you need a new battery or there may be something wrong with your charger. You may want to consider checking your battery status to see what apps are eating your battery. Also turning your screen brightness to a bit below half can help save batterym