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$10.00 for a 10mb data packet?? what is this?

I'm wondering if anybody can help explain a $10.00 charge for a 10mb data packet. My plan states that I will get charged $10 for every 1GB that I go over for my data plan, so I was expecting an extra $10 charge on this current bill cycle however I ended up with +$20 extra. Details showed it was 2 10mb packets that were charged at $10 a piece... What is this charge when I was within the extra GB?

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Hi Christoper! According to your bill, you used 3.222 GB (3GB + 222MB). You are charged 1GB as soon as you start using the extra data. Basically, next time, you can use the whole GB as it will be charged anyway. 
Thanks for the reply Daniel.  I got lost in all the screens and I see the total usage now.  Thanks for clarifying! Guess I did use more data than I thought.