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I've just moved back to Canada from Taiwan where I worked in the Marketing department for Acer Inc.  I've been shopping for a new phone and plan online with a few carriers, and I've found the UX design for each carrier to be really bad.  I don't mean visuals, I mean click-flow and information selection.  In Taiwan, there was a government-owned carrier so there were no difficulties in purchasing  ~ no endless types of differentiation.  As someone who is looking to purchase a plan/phone  without prior experience purchasing in Canada (I've been in TW for ~ 10 years), I'm finding this hellish, and I worked for a global computer company! In fact, even this 'conversation' UX has a lot of friction. I imagine this is the same for other customers going online.  Please have a skilled UX designer come in and refine your site.  I could also provide some suggestions, if you're interested.  Regards.

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Thanks for your feedback Jon! Much appreciated if you want to point out what areas caused you the most pain I'm more than happy to share with our web folks across the floor.
Hey Jeff! Sorry so see you working at 6 on a Friday! Actually, I think I'm a bit wrong now, and the difficulty was only with the phones that have to be purchased in-store. The plans with phones that can be purchased direct seem easy to do! All the following is just my own particular experience: I hadn't heard of Koodo before today. I'm trying to compare phones/plans among 4 carriers and sort through info before making a decision. Actually of the four, Koodo does the best at accessing pertinent info ~ Ok, common problem among all the sites I checked ~ lots of info, too much navigation to get to it. Tires me out. I just want to get the info on the phone & package. Find Koodo's site. Go to Plans; Monthly Plans. See 'Build Your Package' on the right. First one's Galaxy S5 ~ see the copy but no specs. I also see Tab and have no idea what that is or the difference between small, medium, large. Have to click through to find out what tab is. Find out, return to phone page. There's no clear button to choose a phone that needs to be purchased in-store and move on to a plan. In summary - Wanted: - to choose a new phone - learn which plan I can use - learn all the costs Annoyances - choosing phone - needed to go to another page or website for specs on the phone - needed to go to another page to learn about 'tab' - no obvious way for me to get to a total price for a phone + plan if I'm choosing a phone that has the be purchased in-store If I had that info right away and the closest store put in front of me, I would have been ready to purchase. If I could have gotten it direct, I probably would have. I went to the Bell site before this one, which is just brutally not-intuitive, and it drained me of all my patience, so by the time I got to Koodo, I had no desire to go through it again (Koodo is waaaaaay better than Bell tho). If you could find a way to elegantly get the tab info (for a total noob) and specs on the phone page, get me through to the plan+accessories for a in-store phone (or make it more obvious if it's already there), and then have a store locator or some light sales touch, it would have been like a breath of fresh air. Just my 0.02.
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Don't feel sorry Jon! I do this on my own volition because I love what I do! Koodo is a different kind of company. Worth the effort! And thanks to technology I can even do it from my backyard with my phone in one hand and a beer in the other. You underestimate the value of your feedback! Way more than 2 cents! We are actually in the process of starting to redesign our website so your points are taken very seriously. We will build our new site in "public" meaning that we will release builds to customers for validation before we proceed to the next are for development. Thanks again for your feedback, it has truly been very valuable! If you happen to choose us as your provider please continue to let us know what we do well and what we could do better. All the best Jon!
Ya, I actually want to move down your funnel to a sale, and I would appreciate it if it was as easy as possible. Have a look sometime at your competitors' sites and how draining they are to work through depending on what you want. I'd love one company that wasn't like that (to be fair, Koodo was already the best of them). I appreciate every company has their own worthwhile differentiation (I guess Tab in your case), but it's exhausting as a consumer to try to educate myself on them all before I make a decision. To be frank also, one of my concerns when considering a carrier is which company is not going to f**k me. However, once I lose my patience with comparing, I just end up asking someone I know, which really just makes my choice the result of chance - who I happen to ask and which plan they happen to use. So in my case (and I only speak for myself), all these telecom companies lose the LTV of a customer just due to poorly optimized web/sales design (emphasizing once again - Koodo was the best of those I checked, and I'm only speaking for myself and what I'm looking for) But basically I could potentially have made it from your home page to a sale in 4 clicks. It would be great if all the necessary info was available at each part of the funnel with a natural move to the next, and the only time I have to deviate from that flow is when I wanted to educate myself on different choices of phones,etc. Anyway, thanks for responding!