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Waive the overtime usage fees

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I know people have already been posting, questioning, complaining, worried, and more.

Due to COVID-19 a lot of people who had limited minutes have been charged with outrageous overage charges.

It is a national crisis. Calling the government or bank easily takes up 3~5 hours from your minutes (e.g. 500) and it takes even longer now. We have to call our friends and families to make sure they are OK.

What makes matters worse is Koodo doesn’t have an alert for this service-- which means a lot of people have already fallen victim. 

We are being charged when we are calling each other on a deathbed.


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Definitely something they should be considering. 

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You have my vote… though in all fairness there could be a little “something for something” in return… such as the fee being waived in exchange for going with an in market plan. Other than that, all for it!