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UPS Shipping Delays

  • 7 June 2020
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Koodo needs to stop or at least pause when using UPS for shipping things like phones. . UPS are severely over burdened and are entirely unable to deliver packages in a timely manner or deliver anything resembling appropriate customer service. I’m disappointed that Koodo isn’t doing the research and using companies that are managing their contracts properly through Covid. Other shippers and couriers are not encountering delays as serious as what UPS is dealing with.


KOODO - do your research. You must understand that a cellphone, especially during a pandemic, is not a luxury item but a tool that many people rely on for their jobs. Using a shipping partner that is unable to manage their workload is not appropriate. There are better options available. 


1 reply

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To be fair, Canada Post is not that much better



I think it depends on the region and how they are staffed.  UPS may be worse based on what i have seen on the community.


Im not against what you are proposing, assuming the other couriers are performing better in your region