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Update Community's "Related Product/Service" List

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On the Right Pane of every topic in the community is the Related Product / Service Window. It helps by identifying key products with which the post is about when searching for FAQ's and in just properly cross-referencing the site. The OCD in me wishes it were up to date with things like iPhone, Samsung GSIIX, microSIM, etc. It's got some really dated stuff on there now: "Friends with Benefits"? Please update it to enable a better organization of thoughts on the Community? kthnxbye

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Great catch Mo! As you know we are using a third party to make this site run which means that not everything is under our control. I'm not a 100% familiar with the algorithm 'Get Satisfaction' is using to display related threads. We'll give them a call and see how we can imrove this. Thanks for the heads up!
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This is a great idea there are indeed areas of this forum that need updating for sure. Good one Mo I was going to say this as well