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I would like to see some type of plan for students who are attending a US university. Right now you have to give up your Canadian carrier then try to find something for the US. We spent money to get a new unlocked phone before out daughter left and it still took over 4 hours to get a crappy plan.Then when she comes back for holidays or the summer we need to get another plan. See in the US if you don't have a social security number you really have a problem with phones and banks.

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I would recommend prepaid in the US.
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Prepaid is generally cheaper in the US than getting a phone on a contract with the big service providers there. If you have an unlocked phone your daughter could sign up for Net10 or Straight Talk. Their plans are great and offer pretty good features for a cheap price per month. Plus there's no credit checks required! Just my two ¢ 🙂