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Time to step up your roaming game Koodo!


Koodo really lags when it comes to roaming abroad. Virgin and Fido both offer their customers good options while we are stuck with archaic data bundles to be pre-purchased. Time to update

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We are looking into a few things although even the article acknowledges that Koodo has "plenty of travel options for those traveling to the U.S. Customers can pick from unlimited text, unlimited minutes and text, and data, minutes and text combos for time increments of three days, 10 days or 30 days."  
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Even TELUS, Koodo's parent company, allows users pay $7 to get access to the minutes, text and data allotments in their current plans while roaming in the USA and $10 to do the same in other countries around the world and all TELUS postpaid customers have to do is enable Easy Roam. The Easy Roam option gives TELUS customers another roaming option while they also still have the option to buy roaming combo passes.  Time for Koodo to follow suit. http://www.telus.com/en/on/mobility/travel
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DanielLui1 wrote:

Even TELUS, Koodo's parent company, allows users pay $7 to get access to the minutes, text and da...

What I forgot to mention is that the $7 and $10 per day to use the Easy Roam travel option with TELUS is per day.
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Fido offers a pulse plan, with the pulse plan you're automatically covered for five dollars a day in the states and only get charged when you use it.  Time to step up your game Koodo
Koodo still lags behind every other carrier in roaming. Seriously jumping ship soon. Traveling to the US and using my phone has become a decision between spending loads of money on those archaic roaming packages or rationing my data like its 2005.