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Humans have reached a point in existence where the internet is a daily tool, wether at work (google information, order produce), school (research, app store for scientific calculator) or even recreational use such as finding restaurants, watching videos/uploading etc. Im not asking for much but 1gb seems like a amazing deal for the fourty something dollar plan instead of 500 mb. We've moved up from megabytes to terabytes due to all the stuff people like to save (pictures, movies, music, apps, shows, vines, work documents, electronic backups for phones and game consoles and computers etc). Not to mention Some places offer 5gb a month for less than $40. Feedback much appreciated.

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Here's feedback, Omesh. If you live in a zone covered by Wind (which is the carrier you're referring to), then you can go right ahead and try them out. If they work good for you, you're done. Enjoy the savings. On the other hand, if they don't work out in your case, Koodo uses the Telus network (which is also shared with Bell and its MVNOs). This is a Canada-wide network which covers almost the totality of the Canadian population. This should ensure that you'll get service almost anywhere but the remotest locations. Such a coverage comes at a price, however, and it is what you're paying for. Hope it helps!