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Teaching responsible cell use to kids.....and rewarding them for it.

Special monthly phone bills directed for kids under 18  -- a pay it forward plan where kids are asked by Koodo to do good deeds -- surprise and assist the parents that are paying the bill.

Parents would sign off on this ahead of time -- those under 18 would recieve their own paper bill every month or two -- in it would be household tasks or charitable work or school related things to accomplish. In return, Koodo would build a points system that could be used to give the parents a break on the bill......although a minor discount it would teach kids responsibility and appreciate the cost of owning a cell phone.  

Rather than bill discounts, prizes and contests could be incorporated within this system. I'm confident a large number of Koodo accounts are being used by kids under 18 and adults are paying the bill. Koodo accepts that and assists the parents in basic teachings of responsibility.

Also incorporate a pledge by the young cell users to keep their phones safe and locked. Too not overuse data, too not lose it, to keep it charged at all times......those kinds of things.

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