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when I was trying to buy a new phone from koodo i knew I had my 150 tab but when i found how much i still had to pay for my new phone, I decided to not buy it. so if you maybe had a super tap like verizon i think it would make a whole lot of costumers happy

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Yeah Sharon ! Five days ago same question was posted on : this post http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/super_tabs I hope that this idea will be implemented also in near future
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Having a super tab that would go all the way down to like -500 is pretty much that same thing as a contract because it's going to take forever to pay off/more than 3 years. The whole point is to have this tab so that we are not forced into contracts and won't have to pay big penalties when we decide to cancel.
To me it wouldnt be a penalty...it just means if you cancel you have to pay off the remainder of what you owe for the phone....the reason they give you the tab and it gets paid off as you pay your bill is that you are a loyal customer.... really...you are not paying for your phone if you stay with them....
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Every aspect and suggestions of this post were already been clarified on these 2 posts 4 months ago: SUPER TAB http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/super_tab-1jskfp Super Tabs! http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/super_tabs
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I disagree. There's a big problem with having high tabs. They take FOREVER. The credit given off your Tab is way too slow to make it worth while. You're better off with a 3 year agreement on the big 3 or even a 2 year on Fido or Telus (yes some phones are eligible on Telus too). The credit off your device every month is way higher and if you ever cancel, you just pay back what's owing on your phone. Even a $60/month Tab on Koodo just matches a 2 year. Any higher Tab or lower rate plan pales in comparison to the 2 year and if you go for a really cheap plan, 3s too.
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I don't mind the higher tabs if the tab is wiped after 3 years (like WIND does for example). However, if Koodo raised the tab limit, I think their handset prices would rise to the competition level, if not higher. Again, to use WIND as an example: they have the highest outright prices in Canada = more to pay off. I like Koodo's pricing as it is.
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Ivan wrote:

I don't mind the higher tabs if the tab is wiped after 3 years (like WIND does for example). H...

Yes, I think Koodo should adopt that model. It makes sense to advertise "no contract" but then if their agreement become longer than 3 year their phone should be wiped.
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An option they could do is have it so that they double the tab amount (making it $300) and doubling the amount that comes off per month (20% instead of 10%) so if people want to buy the more expensive phones (iPhone 5, GS3, or BB Z10) on the tab then they would not have to spend as much, and it would be paid off in the exact same time.