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specials for birthdays?

It would be cool if koodo gave perks on your birthday, some phone companies do this and i think it's really cute, like get a text message from koodo saying happy birthday and you get free data all day one day only or free calling or a free ringtone or something! because it would 1st be a good way to say thanks to loyal customers who stay with you for years 🙂

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Hey Victoria, thanks for the suggestions. We'll take it under advisement. I can't guarantee anything will happen, but should we decide on it, we will let everyone know 🙂.
I totally agree! it could just be like free local calls or something for the whole day.
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I agree this would be cute but there's always seems to be a problem with this. For example, free calls to someone with unlimited calling doesn't mean very much. Maybe this would be a bigger benefit to pre-paid customers than postpaid? You could give them a small top up on a booster (eg. 100Mb of data or 30 Canada wide minutes)? I think there has been a perception that prepaid trails postpaid in someways so this may help even things out a little (eg. Cost of phones). I'm using post-paid and we don't really get near our monthly limits so I'm not sure what they would give me that I would appreciate. Maybe 30 minutes of U.S.A. or international calling but I'm mostly happy with Koodo as is 🙂