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Signal loss Galaxy s10+.. need another tower..

  • 20 July 2020
  • 1 reply

I am constantly losing signal at my purple pin location all day everyday. Looks to me like another tower is needed or a stronger signal. Renders my phone useless for any 911 emergency. 


1 reply

The location is 140 Pleasure Beach dr colchester Ontario. I have 2 other user /koodo accounts as well running Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8+ both also drop in and out of cellular signal. Most days the LTE+ we get is 1-2 bars maybe ...the signal fades then 4G kicks in with 2-3 bars but is so terribly slow that a Google page times out and then fails to load. Usually the signal completely goes offline  after that and we get the crossed out circle and a no cellular service audiable sound along with the notification message. It will then pick up back where we started with LTE+ , 4G etc fade fail and repeat. Its a bit of a dead zone. If I walk up to the highway full LTE+, by the beach is all the problems,, out in the boat full LTE+ signal. Its right along the shore where everyone lives that seems to be the biggest problem with getting a cell tower signal.