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Send SMS when Airtime close to max

Add a feature where the system automatically sends an SMS when you are close to your Airtime usage for the month, just like you get when you use up 75% of your data, etc.  

I understand that airtime can be checked with the koodo selfserve app but that is just not that convenient, i'd rather get a sms instead.  You can also check data usage with the self serve app but we still get SMS sent, so why not for airtime?

This feature would have been very useful a few weeks ago when I got my mom to switch to Koodo only to find out that she had gone over her airtime minutes because it turns out that she joined with just 3 days left until the new bill would start (she only had around 25min left and we didn't know).  If she would have been notified via SMS she could have avoided most of the extra charges for going over.

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