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Sell a stylus that does not wear out

Mostly I am pleased with Koodos's service and I like being with Koodo.  What I don't like is the phone I chose (LG Android).  I have had trouble with it since the day I bought but put up with it and when I did call about it the warranty had expired.  The keys were sticking for one thing to which I was told the more I used it the more the keys would loosen up, that it didn't happen in fact they are worse now than they ever were.  Secondly, when I am prompted to put in my password when checking messages, it says I have the wrong password and yet I know it is the right password as when I typed it again I watched what I typed.  With this phone, I often hit a wrong letter or number, thus texting takes me a long time.  I purchased a stylus, not from you but a good one and it eventually worse out.  Am thinking a good idea would be, for people like me, to sell a stylus that does not wear out.  Just a thought.  Thank you.

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