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Search bar on main page of website

I'm sure we've touched on this before but I know so many people that have such a hard time finding things on the website. I see the search bar once you go to Help, but not everybody is able to get that far. I think the website needs to be overhauled and a search bar added to the main page to make things easier for all the customers.

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Correct me if I'm wrong about your search bar question Reena "Search bar on main page of website " are you refeering to http://www.koodomobile.com ?, if so, then the Search bar can only be on "Help Icon" that will take you also directly to Koodo Community Forum.
Yes Mat exactly what I said. You have to access the Help section to get access the search bar. Once you do a search then it will give you a couple of options of where you can look for the answer....ex. FAQ, Community Forums or Support Videos. Unfortunately not all customers are able to get that far so by putting a search bar on the home page of the website that will hopefully make things alot more user friendly.
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that's a good suggestion, hope Koodo will look at it and feedback from other posters are also needed on this suggestion
Only a possiblility if the website is redone I think.
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Hi Reena, Thanks for the idea! We understand that not everyone goes to the Help page to look for the search bar. We're going to make it easier for our customers to search right on main page. It's now in the works, so I'll update this page closer to the date 🙂 Thanks again Reena!
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Hi Reena, Did you notice that the search bar is now in place? Thanks again for your fantastic idea. It's now easier to search for information within our site. You should receive your brand new spankin' CEO badge this week. 🙂 Cheers! ~Sumaya