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follow the instructions To fix the Samsung Galaxy S2 data connection, you can following this steps: Step 1: Press menu then settings >Wifi network>Mobile networks >Access Point Names. Step 2: Got back one page and pick Network operators until the phone finds Koodo select. Step 3: Switch Network mode to GSM. dont forget to restart your phone after these settings.....

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Your instructions make no sense. Nothing lines up with an actual S2X. Menu -> Settings -> More... -> Mobile Networks By default there should only be one entry under access point names sp.koodo.com As well you will want to use GSM/HSPA(auto mode), as flipping it to just GSM would neuteur your HSPA or HSPA+ connection. Can't recall seeing anyone on here having issue with the S2X...
i can post for you phone thts for X2
There is no Galaxy X2...
For now try Updating firmware and reset it, i havent got any problem with s2x yet but i ll find a fix if you do have it.
sorry typing mistake it was s2 not x2 i will post soon for s2x