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Safe Route

I would like this APP to be free to all children owning a cell phone that attend school.  This APP would at the touch of a button, map out emergency routes to get home safe after school from bullies and other harmful individuals.  A list of "Block Parents", Hospitals and other safe places would be listed where they can get to whether on route to or home from school each day.  All you would need to do is map out all locations and give directions to a child in danger.  The kids help line could be called immediately via text to alert them that someone is in danger.  Similar to "Life Line" for seniors who reside independently where a button is worn and they have a phone with a speaker that gives them a verbal contact to risk assess and monitor a potential fall.  A text message can be sent immediately to parents and other caregivers as well as the school they attend that their child is in danger so they are aware.  I think in the wake of Bullying and Harassment awareness as well as the unfortunate reality that children still go missing each day we need to still do more to protect our children.  This might be the way to do just that.

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