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roll over minutes

I have unlimited texting and calls after 5-7 range and weekends, but daytime minutes are limited and some months I may make 1 call, another month I may make a 100. For the months where we don't use all our time and data, you should have that roll over and be added to the next months total to use or deduct the difference from our bill. If I pay for a $30 plan but use the phone 1 day of the month, feels stupid paying $30, and then if you were to go on a pay as u go, it'd end up costing you more the odd time or 2 you need to talk longer. I suggest this because my most recent bill is nearly fucking double what it should be, because I was in and out of the hospital and myself and others were using my phone. now I've lost my job and just not happy.

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I like the idea of rollover minutes. For 20$ more though, you could grab one of the unlimited plans and not have to worry (I mean when you get back to work). Feel better soon. 🙂