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Recognize and Appreciate Customer Loyalty

No matter what market you look at, customers have more options today than ever before. This is equally true for cellular providers, and other than a monetary penalty for leaving a contract early there isn’t much that keeps us from switching providers. Koodo already offers great customer service and ease of use, but what does your company do to recognize and appreciate us loyal customers?  
Not many companies celebrate their customers or even confess to us that they know we can go elsewhere. A simple annual text to acknowledge how long a customer has been with you and thanking them for their loyalty is a very low cost way to celebrate any anniversary. At the two year mark customers may be acknowledged with a free app, at five years it is a little more special, at ten it could be a full size luchador mask. I will leave the specifics to the marketing and communications folks to tweak, but they have to grow in value after a while, and they should resonate with your brand.  
So this idea is easy, it is relatively cheap, and from what I have seen it is not being pursued by other cellular providers. It likely won’t garner many new customers, but it will help to maintain your existing customer base. We know it is much cheaper to retain these existing customers than it is to bring in new ones anyway. Your customers are human, and they want to be in a relationship where loyalty and appreciation flows both ways. Very few companies acknowledge this, but Koodo can be one of the few who do.   

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so true....i left rogers because they offered new customers better deals than old ones...need i say more
I'm in the same boat here. I have a LG Optimus one and about for and a half years with Koodo and all I got is an offer to sign-up to a inferior plan and $50 towards a.gift not a new phone witch I think means like a car charger or something. from my point of view that is an insult to my intelligence. And that's over four years not one missed payment.