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Racist much?

  • 28 September 2011
  • 4 replies

Can you make your advertising less racist? A mexican luchador that gets caught in a trap after trying to grab a random burrito he finds on the "floor"...really?lol

4 replies

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I'm of italian-mexican origins. Always Canadian first. Don't find any problem with their advertising. It's funny and offends me in no particular way.
So you're only half. I'm just saying, if it were someone of another race, it would be an issue. Mexicans/Latinos shouldn't be any different. If it were a chinese man diving for dim sum or a black man diving for fried chicken, alot more people would have something to say.
How is what a particular group of people eat racist? That's just plain stupid. You are over reacting. Then blond jokes are racist too.
hows it racist many families living out side of their native country still make and eat the cuisine of their home land.. hes latin, he likes burritios, big deal its a little joke animation if you are not a big enough person to laugh it off and see the lighter side of things i fear for u in this world