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Protection Plan

  • 9 December 2012
  • 4 replies

Will Koodo ever come out with a protection plan like Telus has? Incase people lose their phones or they are damaged etc? I know Rogers had a plan like this before and my friend who is with Telus just got a new S3 after hers broke.

4 replies

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Keep an eye on Koodo's Facebook page for that type of news. There are stores that offer it when you buy but currently not Koodo itself.
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How much would you be willing to pay? The services I saw generally charge $7-$10 a month. If it's an iphone much more. In one year you could be paying up to $120. Is it worth it? You could be putting that money towards a new phone.
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I'm with Rory on this one. The cost of the insurance would equal a new phone. Lost and damaged phones can always be replaced with certified pre-owned ones from our Koodo shops or webstore: http://koo.do/xRZOJi. Also in most cases, tab can be used to take money off of a new phone. No upgrade fees and no waiting period 😉
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Hi Ed, Thanks for asking and suggesting this idea. We've taken a look into this and have started the Koodo Extended Warranty. It'll keep you protected if for whatever reason the phone stops working or is accidentally physically damaged in some way. Full details of the warranty can be found here. Hope this helps and thanks again!