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Protection against data overage charges

  • 23 October 2012
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Customers should have the option to activate a free "data overage" protection that slows their data connection down once they reach a certain data use in a billing cycle. They could continue to use data for "free", but it would be slow - or they could pay something like $5 and get a certain extra data allowance at full speed. They payment could be triggered on the website, through the Koodo App or with a text message. This would prevent billing shocks, reduce costly bill disputes (and bad debt) and it might even increase ARPU. Operators in other markets have been very successful with that.

7 replies

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Koodo already has something similar to your pay extra for full speed ideas. Their data saver passes automatically flex you up to a higher tier if you use up your data. Here's an example of this for the heavyweight package (it's tiers go up 5 and then 10 dollars) http://koodomobile.com/en/on/datasaverheavyweight.shtml That being said it's an interesting idea about throttling data when you get close to going over, if optional and not implemented for everyone that could be a good idea as well.
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Koodo already has something similar to your pay extra for full speed ideas. Their data saver pas...I saw in another topic you knew about the savers already now, did you have something different in mind?
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You mean like Wind / Mobilicity? Would be nice, but I doubt realistic anytime soon. What's wrong with knowing what data you have, then using an app like 3G Watchdog to let you know when you're at 75% and 99% of your data quota, and even shut it off at a certain limit - that would prevent data overages.... You know, until Wind/Mobilicity become actual competitors for Koodo to address and then justify this data throttling you're suggesting.
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I'm with Mo on this one. There are million apps out there to keep data in check. Do we need a service like this because people can't resist the temptation of going on the internet???? What would be better if you want greater control is prepaid data. Once it"s gone it's gone. Yo gotta buy more to use it.
The problem Rudy is not that there are millions of applications to monitor data use, as a simple query of "Data Monitor" in the play store gives a large number of suitable responses, and applications which would all correctly function to identify and throttle bandwidth depending on usage, but we know this. You also know how much bandwidth viewing YouTube clips and streaming music takes. Therein lies the problem. It doesn't have anything to do with temptation - bandwidth is a nebular concept that most of the population does not understand initially. For 99.999% of the population their experience with YouTube (prior to owning a smartphone) is viewing it on a home PC via their (generally) near unlimited bandwidth home connection. Now they get a cellphone, have no idea what exactly 1MB means. Is that a lot? No idea, is 500 MB a lot? Maybe? Even a scaled back neutered home internet plan gives 15 GB, they generally wouldn't see this cap. I honestly would support an opt in text service that could be set. Have a rep/website/setup person ask a client if they would like a data warning that lets them know when they use a certain threshold, and offer a shut off when they reach their limit, if its an emergency have a text option or some similar shenanigans which allows them to unlock this if required. So you are a new user, you get your shiny first brand spanking new iPhone 5, proceed to "use" a smart phone how you perceive it to work and end up like the poor girl on Facebook that is claiming she has a $2300 bill due to data not being explained to her. Again, due to the nebular concept of bandwidth I can see peoples eyes glossing over when a rep goes tech speak mode, all they can think of is being cool like their friends and watching Gangnam style on the bus/etc on their new smartphone. The problem is not being tempted.. its being burned and having a negative view of the company after.
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Well, these apps only go so far. They don't go across several devices, AFAIK. And I don't think it is in Koodo's interest to get people to turn data off. They might not turn it back on for a while. In my scenario, users would get two warnings (say at 75% an 95%), and at 100% data speed would slow down. A lot. You'd notice. Users would still be able to do very important stuff without having to pay extra, if they are willing to wait. Or they just throw $5 at Koodo and keep surfing. I'm very well familiar with the current flex addons. (And the nicer one that was available before.) But it is hard for people to grasp the idea, some get upset (especially if they are charged $5 for a minimal overage on the last day of their billing cycle) and reduce their data use a lot. That's not in Koodo's interest either. Besides, Koodo-employee MykeC says that the current promotional data plans are not compatible with flex add-ons. It seem to work when you order it, but the billing calculations don't work out and you might get a siginificant bill. I would hope to see more plans with data included (Koodo already had some in 2010, but with a mere 100 MByte IIRC).
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Shock free data included in all plans now as of March 10,2016. Thanks for everyone's suggestion.