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Plans personalized for different customers

Plans directed to groups of people. By groups of people I mean, Heavy texters, heavy talkers, heavy data users, Heavy travelers. These plans would be great if they don't want a balanced plan, as they might text more than call. It would be great to advertise, as you can advertise it like Cineplex does with the Scene cards and the "scenetourage". There is that one guy who buys a lot of snacks, the person who watches all those movies, except directing to phone users. The plans can all be based around 50 minutes and 50 texts and 100 MB. The Heavy data plan could have a lot of data and just a basic 50 minutes and 50 texts. The Heavy call plan could probably have unlimited talk, but obviously 50 texts and maybe only 100 MB of data. Heavy texting plans could obviously have unlimited texts while keeping average on data and talking. Maybe a plan for someone who travels a lot because of business, and they need to make a lot of long distance calls. Of course this is directed to the type of people who perhaps text more then talk, and don't want to waste money on a 60 dollar plan just to get unlimited messaging and talk, but never actually talk, Or if you like to use data a lot, but don't wanna pay a huge amount to get a decent amount, but with unlimited talk and text when you might not need it. Obviously if you do you balance out your phone usage then you already have a good deal with the Canada wide plans, but I felt like the plans really weren't directing to anyone, and with this idea, Koodo could end up with many more customers as it reaches out to a lot of the crowd.

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Interesting idea though with the various Add-ons Users can already customize it to their needs and can change month-to-month.
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Too complicated if you ask me. People wouldn't know what to do. Too much work involved in selecting a plan. Most just want to keep things simple. Unlimited plans will nix this idea anyways.
I really don't think that idea with jive with Koodo. Koodo has so many customers across Canada that it would be hard to created a personalized plan for everyone. My advice is to go and look at their add ons like unlimited texts or unlimited minutes. Their add ons are great and I highly recommend the unlimited texts if you are a heavy texter lol. Hope this helped! 🙂
Jessica-Lyn Saunders wrote:

I really don't think that idea with jive with Koodo. Koodo has so many customers across Canada th...

I'm not a heavy texter, I was just using that as an example lol! I barely text I use a lot of data, but not personalized for each person, but rather for like a specific group of people. Do you have any friends who like to text a lot or surf a lot? Plans meant for those kind of people. Or if you go on many business trips, plans with very cheap long distance etc...