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Offering Koodo in the Yukon and NWT!

I love my Koodo plan.  I love the no-contract, no long distance, hassle-free nature of this provider.  However, when I had to purchase a new phone, I was informed that I couldn't get the phone I wanted (iphone 5s) online OR delivered to me by mail because I live in Whitehorse, YT! The nearest Koodo shop is over 1500km away! Luckily, I happened to know someone in B.C. who could pick it up for me... but if I hadn't, I would have had to switch to BELL because that's all that's offered up here in the Yukon.  Bell's (through Northwestel) plans are AT LEAST $20/mo more for the same number of minutes/data that I currently pay for now.  Plus I would have been signed in to a two year contract and had to pay major activation fees, etc.  Bring Koodo to the North!!! I know tons of people here are sick of the Bell monopoly and would love to see another type of provider.  Pretty please? OR perhaps offering northern residents a means to have phones delivered?  THANK YOU!  

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I agree entirely! I live in the NWT close to Yellowknife. It would be nice if they let me do business by mail, or by going to Telus...or something of that nature.