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Notifications When You're Close to Using Up Your Minutes

Wouldn't it be convenient and nice for those of us who are a bit on the absent-minded side to know when our anytime minutes are almost used up? A friendly "You're Almost Up!" text would be an awesome feature, or even a minute counter that keeps track of how many minutes you've used without requiring you to go to the Koodo website. I, for one, would really appreciate it!

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As a company, it makes no sense to do that because that means Koodo would lose money/profit. You should be keeping track of your minutes. It's your responsibility, not Koodo. Koodo is kind enough to give you text messages when you're about to use all of your data. I think that's enough. People need to learn how to handle and manage their own usage.
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You can check your usage via Self Serve also.
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I think his idea is valid, it would also give the company a chance to offer them the option on upgrading their minutes at that moment, therefore not loosing but gaining both a chance for revenue and an opportunity to bring forth a company that cares. I have seen first hand many people caught in these problems whether minutes or data limit problems and become frustrated by the bill after not realizing they have reached their limit.In my opinion it would be a great asset for the company to have this mechanism in place
Why not just add a feature on the actual self serve koodo app that one can set to shoot a notification when one is reaching, for ex., 95/100 min. Koodo does not need to be "responsible" for extra minute. I don't make a clock app provider responsible if I arrive late on a rv. 

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François Landry wrote:

Why not just add a feature on the actual self serve koodo app that one can set to shoot a notific...

You don't, but what will happen is people will start complaining that they didn't get a notification. That and a lot of people don't even use minutes these days. I do , but a lot dont. It becomes a point where you get angry customers and now they have someone to blame other than themselves.