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Recently, my phone suddenly stopped working -- the call connected but I couldn't hear the person on the other end and they couldn't hear me. I assumed there was something wrong with my phone. I don't have a landline so I couldn't call Koodo to check if it was a central problem. I researched this for hours and tried all sorts of things (reboot, battery pull, sim card pull, booting to safe mode, etc.) but nothing worked. The next day I had to go to my friend's place to call Koodo tech support from her landline. As it turns out it was a central system problem that affected certain types of phones. The problem was corrected that day. What's needed is an easy to find link on the Koodo website that describes any current outages or other central system problems. This is the first thing I looked for but couldn't find any info on the website. It would have saved me alot of trouble and stress (if I knew the problem was not with my phone and that it would be solved within a day or two). This would also save Koodo tech support from having to take tons of extra problem calls. In addition to a notice on the website, a text to affected users would be great if the problem is not related to texts.

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Texts work off of the same mobile network so that unfortunately doesn't work. As to publishing info on outages, I would guess that carriers do not want to publish this info. Letting the competition or potential customers have a log of all your service issues is not good for business.
Texts definitely worked the other day while my voice audio was not working. But yes, texts usually would not work when there is a network outage.
If texts worked then I suspect it was a glitch with the phone. Happens occasionally(more than I'd like) with my work BBZ10. I basically get a network error message and cannot make any calls, as the error comes up before my phone even attempts to dial through. At the same time my internet works no problem and I definitely have network coverage. I have written it off as a phone issue, and turning airplane mode on and off resets it, fixing the problem. BTW that BB is on a Telus network. 😉
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Mark Lehtovaara wrote:

If texts worked then I suspect it was a glitch with the phone. Happens occasionally(more than I'd...

The particular issue he is referring to affected audio only, and only on the Nexus S.
And it wasn't my phone only. It was all Nexus S phones (afaik). Anyway, if they don't want to post system problems on their website due to fear of bad publicity and texts don't work, then how about email.
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I made the same suggestion about a year ago. While publishing information on outages may not be in a company's best interest, keeping your customers in the dark about an outage can't be good for business either. Lorne's instance is a good example, where he thought that the phone was acting up, had he not called customer service, sending the device in for repair might have been the next step and all for nothing because of a system outage. System outages happen with all carriers. It's only when outages affecting millions that the media takes an interest and at that point, competition is the furthest thing from a company's 'mind'. Their main focus is how quickly they can restore their network. Localised network outages could be broadcast here within the community and could be relayed to those without service via email. http://mobilesyrup.com/2013/12/22/canadian-carriers-experiencing-network-outages-in-ontario/