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No service, Ontario, HW 41 (Bon Echo) - HW 28 (Bancroft)

  • 5 August 2021
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it is about 100 KM, I can’t use my cell phone GPS, I can’t search if there is GAS station on route. occasionally i can pick some signals, but once i find a safe place parking, the signal is gone!!!. NO Data Service.

please add a tower in the area, please.

3 replies

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Tower cells are installed according to demand

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Looking at Telus’ map, there are quite a bit of “white spots” at that area (ie. no signal).  And that’s not just Telus - same goes for “Mr. R” as well.  (The “Mr. B” shares towers so the coverage is the same.)  



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Makes you wonder how the MNR communicate in that area. I camped in Bon Echo (Cloyne, ON) in 2019. Same deal. No service until you travel south to Northbrook or Kaladar on HWY 41. I’m not sure if the dwellings along the shores of Lake Mazinaw are summer retreats or year round residences. If the latter, then there should be plenty of demand.

Here’s a detailed map of Canadian cell tower locations. 

Canadian Cell Tower Map