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New phones are touch screens.Make a case for a phone that doubles as a key board(windows tablets have keyboard cases so no leaving smugges)

New phones have only touch screens. Is it possible to make a flip book case for a phone that doubles as a key board? (ex. the windows tablets have keyboard cases to type without leaving smugges all over your tablet)

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There are actually quite a few cases that have a keyboard in them usually they are Bluetooth I haven't seen a wired one yet. Which phone do you have? Or you can get any Bluetooth keyboard and pair it to your phone. For example I have one that rolls up but unrolls to almost the size of a full reg. One.
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 Hi Emma,

There's not enough demand at this moment. Nonetheless, I'll share this idea along.
A fold over cover be nice with bigger keyboard be nice somefau
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Problem with this is that Koodo has nothing to do with making a case like this.