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New phone for kids

I would like to see Koodo come up with a kids style phone, elementary school level, that can enable kids/parents to communicate after school when school is out and the kids are walking home or boarding the bus, or if the parent has a change in plans and can pick up the child from school and they can communicate via text. Obviously, this would have to be for the grade 2 and up level, but it would enable the parents to keep better track of where their child is. It could be a simple phone that could enable the child to text only contact people such as parents, babysitters, or other care givers. I believe this would be a simple, cost-effective way for parents and kids to be able to communicate and reduce missing children, and provide an easier way for the child to get help if needed. This would also be successful with a GPS locator built into the phone. I love Koodo and would love to see this implimented into action for the ease of communication with smaller children and their parents and get our kids home safely. We are in a future of technology and this can only benefit the kids who will be using the technology as they age as well. I hope you find my idea feasible because as a mother of 7-year-old twins, there are days that I wish I could text them after school telling them that their dad is picking them up and not me as the pick up locations are different. Thank you for reading my idea.

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